If you have spent much time at all floor shopping, you have likely heard how popular luxury vinyl tile and plank are, but you might not know why. In today’s post, we will look at some of the most popular features you can take advantage of, so read along with us here.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank could be popular with you as well

Luxury vinyl plank and tile have reputations for many characteristics that make them a perfect match for a room after room. You might be surprised to find that these materials serve you well in all your spaces that need flooring.

One popular characteristic is their option for complete waterproof protection, even in basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and more. This comes via waterproof core materials that withstand small spills to flood-like conditions for the best results.

The wear layer also provides a popular option, protecting you from much of life’s daily wear, including stains, scuffs, scrapes, and scratches. This layer is available in different thicknesses, so you are better able to personalize your specific level of protection, so be sure to ask what your options are when you visit us.

Let us provide the best luxury vinyl plank and tile

At K C Flooring, we offer an outstanding array of floor coverings that will serve you well. Our associates work hard to match you with the perfect options, so take the time to speak with us about your specific requirements and preferences.

We are proud to serve residents from Edgewood, Baltimore County, Bel Air, and Abingdon, all from our showroom in Harford County, MD, and we would love to work with you as well. Be sure to visit us at your convenience and allow us to tell you even more about LVP and LVT flooring.