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Why bother with engineered hardwood?

If you’re in the market for hardwood flooring, why would want to consider engineered hardwood flooring? That’s just what we’re going to explore in this short article in hopes that you’ll have a better idea of just what this material has to offer you and your home.

To start with, it’s important to know that these floors are real wood. While not solid, through and through, they do feature a veneer of real wood, in the species of your choice. This veneer is placed between plied layers of wood products on the bottom and protective wear layer on the top.

Don’t miss your engineered hardwood opportunity

For those who have a basement or other below-grade spaces and also need flooring for these spaces, you may already know that solid wood flooring is not an option. If you still have your heart set on wood, engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent alternative for these spaces.

Not only are they real wood and offer a beautiful appearance that matches a variety of décor, but they are also unchanged by humidity, dampness, or vast temperature changes. The environments that might leave solid flooring warped or cracked will never have a bearing on engineered flooring.

Engineered hardwood flooring is built to withstand many of the things solid wood can’t. It doesn’t require an expansion gap and acclimation may or may not be necessary. It offers you a variety of species options for the wood veneer and your choice of stain colors as well. It can even be refinished several times, but that number is dependent on the thickness of the veneer.

If you choose to purchase this floor covering, be sure to opt for a professional installation as well. You’ll be able to have the peace of mind that your flooring will be installed perfectly, and you’ll have someone to call if there are problems in the future.

Choose your engineered hardwood at our showroom

With a showroom located in Edgewood, MD, KcFlooring is an engineered hardwood flooring store that offers you a great selection of flooring coverings. Additionally, we offer all the services that make the project complete, including professional installation.

If you’re in the communities of Harford County, Baltimore County, Bel Air, Abingdon, or Baltimore City, we urge you to come by and see what we might have for you. Our associates will help you browse our inventory and they stand ready to get your flooring project underway right away.